5 Luau FAQ’s

#1. How does the underground imu oven work?

Hawaii’s famous underground imu oven is a mainstay of almost every Kauai luau. For many people, the imu ceremony where the Kalua pig is unearthed fully cooked from the imu is their favorite part of the whole luau on Kauai experience. So how exactly does a whole pig get cooked in what looks like little more than a hole in the ground – and not only cooked, but cooked to the degree of tender perfection expected by Kauai luau diners? The answer to cooking this Kauai luau favorite is steam, which is created by layers of vegetation and cloth that trap the pig between the cover of the pit and the lit kindling and heated stones below. Building an imu worthy of a luau on Kauai is time-consuming, but when it is done right the slow process of steaming the pig results in a culinary classic.

#2. How are fresh-flower lei created?

You know you have arrived at a luau on Kauai when a fragrant orchid or plumeria lei is draped around you neck. If you have ever looked closely at one of these lovely objects, you will see that the lei given out at Kauai luau are truly stunning in their uniformity. The key is in gathering perfect blossoms. Would you believe that every lei given at luaus in Kauai requires fifty flawless blossoms? It’s true. Once the right flowers have been found, they are carefully sown together with a steel lei needle and a knotted length of cotton twine. The needle is guided in the front and out the back of each blossom. Once a strand has reached about 40 inches, it is ready to be tied off and given to a Kauai luau guest.

#3. What is the secret ingredient that gives Kauai luau Mai Tais their tropical flavor?

Mai Tais are always delicious and refreshing, but for many guests at Kauai luau it seems the Mai Tais served there are better than anywhere else. Many restaurants serve Mai Tai, but somehow the Mai Tais served at a Kauai luau always taste of the islands. The secret of the great Mai Tais at Kauai luau is the fresh juice. Some Kauai luau bartenders like fresh pineapple or orange, and bartenders at some Hawaii luau will take their Mai Tai to the next level with passionfruit-orange-guava juice, which Hawaiian’s refer to as “POG” juice. So next time you throw a Kauai luau of your very own, don’t forget fresh juice for the Mai Tai! It makes all the difference.

#4. How do Kauai luau chefs create the perfect multi-cultural buffet?

The best thing about the menu at the best Kauai luau is that there is something for everyone. Whether you want to sample exotic cuisine or eat perfectly cooked comfort food from home, you will find what you are looking for at a Kauai luau buffet. How do Hawaii luau chefs create such a perfect blend of traditional Hawaiian cuisine with modern culinary favorites from all over the world, then serve it all up at a Kauai luau for you to enjoy? The answer lies in the multicultural nature of the modern Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian cuisine, just like Hawaii itself, has always been a melting pot of many different cultures, including Asian and other Polynesian island nations. The diversity of Hawaiian society is reflected in the wide variety of choices available at a Kauai luau buffet.

#5. What dances are included in a Hawaii luau after dinner show?

One of the best parts of the typical luau on Kauai after dinner shows is the variety of Polynesian dance styles included. Of course, the staple dance of any Kauai luau show is the famous Hawaiian hula, which has been performed at Hawaiian feasts since ancient times. At the Kauai luau of today, dancers also display many other Polynesian dance styles. Especially popular is the jaw-dropping Samoan fire-knife dance featuring long-handled blades wrapped in towels which are set on fire and tossed in the air to the shocked delight of spectators. Another favorite dance seen at Hawaii luau is the native Tahitian style of dancing featuring high energy, rhythmic hip movements and awe inspiring headdresses. Many luau also showcase Maori dances from New Zealand, which sometimes feature elaborately tattooed male dancers. Each of these unique dances add an important ingredient to the after dinner show at a Kauai luau.

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