Famous Luau Chefs


When attending the luau Kalamaku Kauai, one of the main attractions is the heaping buffet table. After all, Hawaii luau cuisine is famous all over the world. Long before we book our tickets to the luau Kalamaku Kauai, we are familiar with traditional luau cuisine. Historically speaking, food has always been at the heart of the Hawaii luau. The word luau itself originally referred to a dish commonly served at Hawaii luau consisting of chicken and taro leaves steamed in coconut milk. The original purpose of the Hawaii luau was to abolish an ancient Hawaiian code of conduct that banned women from eating with men and forbade women from eating certain foods at all. The right of all to enjoy native Hawaiian cuisine has been at the heart of the Hawaii luau from the very beginning. Two chefs have played major roles in creating the modern Hawaiian dishes we enjoy at Kauai luau today. Chef Sam Choy and Chef Alan Wong are both a big part of why the food we enjoy at Kauai luau is famous all over the world. We recommend the luau Kalamaku which is also known as luau Kalamaku Kauai.

Luau Chef Sam Choy is one of the best-known chefs in the world. Many of the dishes served at Kauai luau feature his unique spin on traditional Hawaii luau dishes, a style he refers to as Hawaiian Heritage Cuisine. Growing up in Hawaii, Sam got his start helping to cook for large Hawaii luau crowds as a youngster. He eventually traveled to the mainland where he gained the skills necessary to take his vision of Hawaii luau cuisine to the next level. He returned to the islands and began to create many of the new twists on traditional dishes served at modern Kauai luau. Today he is a well-known television personality, starring in Sam Choy’s Kitchen. He operates a successful restaurant, where many items on the menu would fit right in at any Kauai luau.

Sam Choy is best known for his innovative take on poke, the raw fish salad commonly served as an appetizer at Kauai luau. Sam founded a Poke Festival and Recipe Contest and is known as “The Godfather of Poke”. He also created an innovative “no imu” Kalua pig recipe which is a way of cooking the popular traditional dish without that Hawaii luau staple, the underground imu oven. Sam’s recipe slow roasts the pig in the oven, and uses liquid smoke to give it that distinctive flavor we expect when eating Kalua pork at a Kauai luau. It’s also a wonderful way for Kauai luau guests to recreate their experience when they return home. What a gift to be able to share your favorite Kauai luau dish with family and friends without having to dig an imu oven in the backyard! These contributions to Hawaii luau cuisine are why Sam Choy is considered the culinary ambassador of Hawaii. It is his unexpected take on traditional dishes like poke and Kalua pig that created Sam’s Hawaiian Heritage Cuisine, which he describes as “a melting pot of all the freshest ingredients from every culture on the Hawaiian islands”. This cuisine is an important part of every Kauai luau buffet. The Kalamaku luau on Kauai has a incredible buffet that will leave you feeling stuffed.

Many of your favorite dishes from the buffet at a Kauai luau can be characterized as “Hawaii Regional Cuisine”. One of the main contributors to this style of American cuisine is Chef Alan Wong. Born in Japan and raised in Honolulu, Chef Wong believes that Hawaii’s fresh, local, unique ingredients and diverse ethnic traditions deserve to be recognized as a separate culinary tradition. Of course, anyone who has enjoyed Hawaiian cuisine at a Kauai luau already knows how distinctive and delicious it is. Alan Wong is the author of several cookbooks, and one of the best known is New Wave Luau. Many of your favorite dishes from the last Kauai luau you attended probably originated with New Wave Luau. Alan Wong is known for taking traditional Hawaii luau dishes and giving them a gourmet presentation. This style of cooking traditional luau favorites has helped make Kauai luau cuisine world famous.

These two chefs, Sam Choy and Alan Wong, have each contributed in different ways to the wonderful cuisine we enjoy at Kauai luau. Both chefs have brought international recognition to dishes and cooking styles Kauai luau guests have long enjoyed. Sam Choy has revamped traditional favorites like poke and turned them into the innovative cuisine served at modern Hawaii luau. Alan Wong has taken the basics of Hawaii luau cuisine and brought them to the next level. In Alan Wong’s hands, dishes that have been enjoyed at Hawaii luau for years have become the gourmet favorites that grace Kauai luau table today. Sam Choy and Alan Wong have both played a big role in the evolution of Kauai luau cuisine as we know and love it. Visit the Kauai luau Kalamaku and book your ticket with Boss Frog.