Ten Tips for a Great Luau

We all know the disappointed feeling associated with a carefully planned evening gone awry. Either a romantic dinner is spoiled by bad service or disappointing food, or a fun family outing turns into chaos when we don’t have the right weather gear or the menu doesn’t have food the whole family can enjoy. Most guests at a Hawaiian luau have invested a lot of time and money just to be there. After traveling to Kauai, taking the time to book your tickets and spending part of your vacation budget you want your Kauai luau experience to be memorable and fun. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Below are some tips to help you make sure your Kauai luau experience is a positive one. These tips don’t guarantee the best Kauai luau, but they can help.

TIP # 1: Dress warm and comfortable for your Kauai luau.

There is nothing worse than a fun Hawaii luau evening spoiled because someone got too cold or couldn’t sit comfortably in their clothing or their feet hurt before the end of the night. Kauai best luau takes place near the water where the temperature is unpredictable. Also, most luaus have food and entertainments spread over a large area and therefore require some walking. For these reasons, having a light jacket or wrap available and choosing the right footwear can make or break your Kauai luau evening. If you want to be comfortable and are concerned about looking great in pictures, check with Boss Frog’s for great Aloha Wear so you can fit right in at your Hawaiian luau.

TIP # 2: The early bird gets the worm – or at least the best view of the pig coming out of the imu oven!

Seating options at Kauai luaus vary a lot, and oftentimes Hawaii luaus practice first come, first serve seating. In other words, be fashionable but not fashionably late if you want to make the most of your Kauai luau.

TIP # 3: Get the insider info!

For example, we’re not sure this is true but we’ve heard some Kauai luaus seat latecomers very far away from the bar and the buffet. Ask around about the Hawaii luau you’ve chosen so you can be prepared for how that luau operates, and avoid anything that will take away from your Kauai luau evening.

TIP # 4: Make sure you choose the right luau for your group.

All kinds of different groups attend Kauai luaus together. If your luau group includes kids, look for a Kauai luau that does crafts or teaches the hukilau to keep them entertained. On the other hand, if you and a group of friends want to enjoy an adult evening with the background of the best Kauai luau, focus on the nature of the food, the price of drinks and the quality of the after-dinner show.

TIP # 5: Find out the seating options at your Kauai luau and see if you can choose in advance.

Again, it only takes a small thing to ruin a Hawaii luau experience. I have an aunt who cannot get up and down from the floor or a low chair, and if we arrived at a luau in Kauai and only floor seating was available, it would be a huge problem. Call ahead and see how early you need to arrive at your Kauai luau to choose the seating option that is best for you and your group.

TIP # 6: Do your due diligence.

There is a wealth of information out there about Kauai luaus, and experts at Boss Frog’s are ready and waiting to help you sort through it. There is no need for unpleasant surprises when arriving at a Hawaiian luau. Make the most of your Kauai luau with accurate and up to date tips.

TIP # 7: Be open-minded and ready to try new things.

This may be the only Kauai luau you ever attend, and as such a great opportunity to do something you might not normally do. Join the hukilau, try some poi or even just be open to enjoying a meal out-of-doors. As important as careful planning is for enjoying a Kauai luau, not every aspect can be anticipated. If you have done your research and taken all the necessary steps for a fun evening, take a deep breath and get ready to roll with any unexpected surprises your Hawaiian luau may send your way. They may make it better!

TIP # 8: Learn about different Hawaii luau traditions so you know what type of luau you would most enjoy.

Luau traditions or as many and as varied as Hawaii’s beautiful native flowers. Take the time to learn about them, and choose which ones you would most like to experience at your Kauai luau.

TIP # 9: Bring money for souvenirs or incidentals.

Sometimes calling ahead can’t answer every question about your luau on Kauai. It only takes a small thing to detract from the overall Hawaii luau experience. Even though your Kauai luau may be billed as all-inclusive, don’t let something as small as running out of drink tickets or a youngster wanting a five-dollar souvenir to remember the evening by cast a shadow on the fun.

TIP # 10: Check with the experts at Boss Frog’s!

It’s impossible to learn everything about Kauai luaus or anticipate every aspect of the Hawaii luau experience. Boss Frog’s employs experts to do this for you. Take the extra time to get professional recommendations for the best Kauai luau. It will help you make the most of your time at a Hawaii luau, we promise!