Ten Tips for Family Luau Fun

Make your Kauai luau evening one of the most enjoyable of your Hawaii vacation with these simple tips for making the most of your luau experience:

TIP # 1: Don’t forget your free souvenir!

Yes, you heard me correctly. Every Kauai luau hands out free souvenir lei as part of the admission price. Family vacations are expensive, and a Hawaii luau may be the only place you receive a keepsake without spending extra dollars. Keep every family member’s lei together, and display them at home as a great way to remember your Kauai luau experience. The Smiths family luau is a favorite of ours and comes highly recommended.

TIP # 2: Participate in the pre-dinner activities.

Most Kauai luau characterized as family friendly will offer a good range of pre-dinner activities, including local craft demonstrations, hukilau classes and henna tattooing. Even if it seems a little corny, participating in these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities at your Hawaii luau can make for great Kauai luau memories. The Smiths family luau also know as the Smiths tropical luau is one the Kauai’s favorite family luau.

TIP # 3: Pose for the Kauai luau family portrait.

Many families who have made the Smiths family luau Kauai a part of their Hawaii vacation report that their favorite picture of the whole trip is the group photo taken just after their arrival at the luau. It’s a great opportunity to get a professional picture of everyone looking their best, and a wonderful way to commemorate your evening at a Kauai luau.

TIP # 4: Relax and let someone else plan an evening.

Organizing an evening of family fun can be challenging. Dinner, activities, making sure each member of the family is happy – all of these things take time and preparation. Your evening at the Smiths Tropical luau in Kauai is different. Every element of a fun family evening is ready and waiting at a Hawaii luau, so take a deep breath and enjoy!

TIP # 5: Be sure you attend a “family-friendly” Kauai luau.

The best way to choose the right luau for your group is to consult the experts at Boss Frog’s. They are familiar with all the Kauai luau and can help you find a luau that will not only offer a cheaper rate fro young children, but will have a special ticket price for teenagers as well. The folks at Boss Frog’s can also help you take advantage of special deals some luau offer at certain times of the year, like one free child admitted for each paying adult. It’s easy to miss out on these great prices, so do yourself a favor and consult a professional.

TIP # 6: Be sure you tickets don’t include the price of alcoholic beverages.

This is another reason to consult the Kauai luau experts at Boss Frog’s. Many Kauai luau offer adults an open bar as part of the admission fee, however, if you have older kids who can’t drink this is not a good deal! If the adults in the group want to enjoy a Mai Tai, one or two can be purchased for a lot less money than paying alcohol-included ticket prices for the older kids and adults in the party.

TIP # 7: Make the most of the Kauai luau buffet.

The buffet at the Smiths Family luau truly has something for everyone. Adults and older kids in the party can sample world-class Hawaii luau cuisine like Lomi-Lomi salmon and tender Kalua pork, while younger kids can enjoy familiar fare like chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese over at the kid’s buffet. Dining at a luau on Kauai is like going to several restaurants at once, so take advantage.

TIP # 8: Participate in the Hawaii luau after dinner show.

Getting up onstage during the participation portion of the Kauai luau after dinner show guarantees you will arrive back home with great memories of your Hawaii luau. Encourage youngsters to get up and try the hula or other Hawaii luau dances, while adults sit in the audience and snap pictures. We promise they will be some of your favorite Kauai luau shots!

TIP # 9: Sneak in a Kauai luau date night.

While younger family members are enjoying the Kauai luau group activities like Hukilau class, adults can snatch a few moments to watch the sunset together – always a spectacular sight at a Hawaii luau. While the kids are enjoying well prepared family-style foods, adults can have a five-star experience of Kauai luau cuisine right at the same table. Also, many Kauai resorts offer transportation to and from popular Kauai luau, so Mom and Dad can feel free to enjoy a delicious Kauai luau Mai Tai!

TIP # 10: Learn about a different culture as a family.

Kauai luaus exist so that people can learn about ancient Hawaiian traditions. Encourage younger family members to ask questions about traditional Hawaii luau culture for great dinner table conversation. After all, broadening our horizons together at a Kauai luau is one of the most rewarding family activities of all.