Ten Tips for Hosting Your Own Kauai Luau

You just returned home from your Kauai vacation with tons of great memories you want to share with friends and family. One of the best times you had on Kauai was at a Kauai luau. You consulted the experts at Boss Frog’s and found the perfect Kauai luau for you and your group. You loved every moment of your Hawaii luau, from the lei and Mai Tai greeting to the delicious buffet and the spectacular after-dinner show. The best way to share your great Kauai luau experience with family and friends is not to tell them what a great time you had at a Kauai luau, but to show them how great Hawaii luau are by inviting them to a luau-themed party. Below are ten tips for throwing a great Hawaii luau right in your own backyard.

TIP # 1: Give your party invitation a Kauai luau theme.

Remember the anticipation of arriving at your Kauai luau? Create the same feeling of excitement in your guests when they receive their invitation to your Hawaii luau using some simple additions to the invitation. Decorate the invite to your Hawaii luau with a hibiscus blossom or a dancing hula girl, and add a Hawaiian phrase like ho’olu komo la kaua, meaning, “Please join us”. These small touches will get your guests in a luau frame of mind, helping them to look forward to your Hawaii luau party as much as you did to your own Kauai luau experience.

TIP # 2: Encourage your guests to get in the Hawaii luau spirit with Aloha Wear.

Nothing fits in at a Hawaii luau as well as Aloha Wear. Of course, you know what Aloha Wear is – you donned it for your Kauai luau evening. If you’re not sure your Hawaii luau guests are familiar with this island clothing, direct them over to Boss Frog’s website where they can find great Aloha Wear items under “Boss Frog’s Gear”. Much of the Aloha Wear you see at a Kauai luau, things like hibiscus patterned shirts for men or similarly decorated sundresses for women, can be found in the same places you would find an outfit for any theme party.

TIP # 3: Greet your guests with the gift of lei.

Nothing says “Hawaii luau” like lei. Remember the feeling of being greeted with beautiful lei at a Kauai luau? It’s easy to recreate this sense of welcome for the guests at your Hawaii luau by passing out lei as party favors. Can’t afford the expense of handcrafted fresh flower lei like you received at a Kauai luau? No problem. Shell and kukui nut lei are a great alternative and will feel just as authentic to guests at your Hawaii luau.

TIP # 4: Serve the perfect Mai Tai.

Ever since Elvis Presley’s 1961 film Blue Hawaii, Mai Tai and Hawaii luau have been linked forever. Remember the tropical taste of a Mai Tai from your Kauai luau experience? It’s simple to give your guests the same feeling of being at a Hawaii luau by purchasing just a few items for the bar at your luau get-together. All you need for a Mai Tai worthy of a Kauai luau is light and dark rum, orgeat syrup, orange curacao, and fresh pineapple juice. Be sure you don’t forget the fresh juice – it gives your Mai Tai that extra touch that reminds your guests they are at a luau!

TIP # 5: Take your guests on a journey using Hawaii luau theme décor.

One of the easiest ways to create the vibe of a Kauai luau is paying attention to your luau decorations. Flickering tiki torches, carefully placed flowers – these touches let your guests know they are at a Hawaii luau party. Try using candles in bamboo or coconut shell holders along with silk plumeria or hibiscus blossoms to create centerpieces worthy of any Kauai luau.

TIP # 6: Give guests a taste of the islands with popular Hawaii luau dishes.

What was your favorite dish at the Kauai luau you attended? Fresh pineapple, coconut pudding, and grilled mahi-mahi – all of these dishes are a part of what makes a Kauai luau so memorable. To give your luau guests a real Kauai luau experience, mix Asian cuisine like Teriyaki beef with traditional Hawaiian dishes like poi and luau chicken. You don’t have to spend hours pounding taro roots to create an authentic Hawaii luau feast. These days there are many easy recipes out there to help you serve a meal that would do any Kauai luau proud. Also, be sure to remind your luau guests of ancient Hawaii luau tradition – no fighting when the poi bowl is on the table!

TIP # 7: Serve Kalua pork, a luau staple.

Who could forget the incredible imu ceremony at a Kauai luau? The only part of a Kauai luau better than the unearthing of the pig is eating the tender pork! Not prepared to build an underground oven to recreate a Hawaii luau for your guests? These days there are great alternative recipes for cooking Kalua pork tasty enough to be served at any Kauai luau using a modern oven and special additions like mesquite flavored liquid smoke.

TIP # 8: Hire a photographer to take those one-of-a-kind Hawaii luau pictures.

Many guests at Kauai luau report their favorite vacation photos as being the picture of their group arriving at the luau. After your luau guests have received their lei, have a photographer snap a picture in front of some Hawaii luau décor like a tiki torch. What better way to give your guests the experience of a real Kauai luau than a picture they can frame and display at home?

TIP # 9: Put on a show!

What would a Kauai luau be without an after-dinner extravaganza? Even if you’re not ready to attempt a Samoan fire-knife dance in your own backyard, you can still give your guests an authentic Hawaii luau experience by hiring a local Polynesian dance company to perform native Polynesian dances at your party. Make it even more like a Kauai luau by having grass skirts and other hula girl costume available and teaching guests to do the hukilau!

TIP # 10: Embrace the spirit of aloha.

A Kauai luau is about so much more than food, decorations and exotic Polynesian dances. A Kauai luau is an opportunity to experience the spirit of aloha in action. When we are greeted with “aloha” at a Hawaii luau, it means a lot more than “hello” or “welcome”. Aloha actually means “the joyful sharing of life energy in the present”, and the aloha spirit is the quality that makes a Kauai luau more than the sum of its parts. So when you are hosting your own Hawaii luau, remember not to get so concerned with food and decorations you forget to let your guests know how glad you are to see them, and how excited you are to recreate your Kauai luau experience for their enjoyment. Show your guests what the heart of a Kauai luau is all about by infusing every moment with the spirit of aloha.