Aulii Luau
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  • Adults Standard $94.95
  • Adults normally $108
  • SAVE $26.10 per couple!
  • Teens Standard 13-17 $73.76
  • Youth Standard 3-12 $51.71
  • Child 0-2 FREE
  • Adults Premium $135.19
  • Teens Premium 13-17 $100.01
  • Youth Premium 3-12 $77.96
  • Child 0-2 FREE

Sheraton Resort in Poipu 2440 Hoonani Road Koloa, HI 96756

“The musicians & the show A++++++ . They were awesome!! The best part of the entire luau! That group of musicians played amazing Hawaiian music, they did great and their music was awesome!! THE DANCERS were fabulous and the lady who narrated did such a great job! Great job!!! The dancers also had great costumes!!”
- Be T.

Aulii Kauai Luau | Hawaii Kauai LuausThe Aulii Luau at the Sheraton Hotel is simply incredible. It is entirely unlike any luau you will find on any of the Hawaiian Islands. The founder of this fantastic production, Mi Nei Oliver-Martins, is a native Kauaian, and she strives for cultural authenticity and true passion in all that she brings to life. Her company, Urahutia Productions, demonstrates Ms. Oliver-Martins’ commitment every dance step of the way. The Aulii Luau, in which each of the founder’s family members plays a part, is no exception.

Aulii Kauai Luau | Hawaii Kauai LuausThe magnificent show tells nine stories that originate on far flung isles throughout the Polynesian Triangle. You will become wonderfully lost in the flickering of the torchlight, the beating of the drums, the singing and the chanting, and the movement of the dancers, as these scenes pass before you: Polynesian Migration, Hula Kahiko, Kauai Celebration Songs, Hollywood’s Version of the Hula, Fire Throwing Point at Ha’ena, the Haka and Poi Ball Throwing of ‘Aotearoa, the Lapalapa and Sasa Dances of Samoa, the Flaming Sword Dancing (Siva Afi) of the Nifo ‘Oti, and finally (breathlessly!) the Drum Dances of Tahiti.

Aulii Kauai Luau | Hawaii Kauai LuausBefore you even reach show time, however, the only oceanfront luau on Kauai will entertain you and your family in a myriad of ways! The evening begins with a shell lei greeting as you enter the grounds. The green grass surrounding the Sheraton slopes gently to the deep blue Pacific beyond. The sun sinks low and the colors change on the water and all across the sky, as you enjoy cocktails and pupus (appetizers), including sesame garlic edamame, roasted Hawaiian purple potatoes, and Hawaiian chili pepper pipi Kaula salad. If you choose to indulge in royalty plus (Ali’i) treatment, banana bread and sliced pineapple will additionally await in your appetizers.

Aulii Kauai Luau | Hawaii Kauai LuausThe scrumptious Aulii Luau dinner buffet is guaranteed to impress (and fill up!) everyone in your party! The offerings include taro rolls, green salad, raw veggies, cucumber salad, two poke preparations, macaroni salad, Lomi Lomi salad, and sticky rice. The traditional entrees are i’a (fish), Kalua pork, grilled i’o (beef—sirloin, in this case), Huli Huli moa (chicken), and vegetable chow mein. For dessert, there is a delicious baked trio: mango cake, pineapple upside down cake, and chocolate cake. Add haupia pudding, sliced pineapple, coffee, and tea, and you just may be done for the evening! Crafted drinks include the mai tai and Blue Hawaiian, while beer, wine, soft drinks, and fruit punch are happily served as well. If you have dietary restrictions (including a vegan lifestyle), be sure to ask for their nifty “Food Allergen” chart: just find the heading that describes your eating habits, and beneath it read all you can eat! Fabulous.

The welcome, the time and the place, the food and drink, the culturally significant stories and dances, and the future memories are all ready to embrace you at the Aulii Luau. Whether you will be marking a special occasion or creating one, the experience will be uniquely yours and uniquely, authentically Polynesian. Enjoy!